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          The world has been changing at an unimaginable pace,never stops.I never stick to convention and always keep curious.Searching the life for the new challenge and the new answer,which leads us move forward.


          Pedini成立于1957年,位于意大利著名的馬爾凱大區中心地帶,占地面積達36000平米,從一家手工制造企業不斷發展革新,已歷60余年,發展到如今的規模讓人驚嘆。Pedini 精耕廚房設計領域,一直以來用作品說話,是行業當之無愧的領先者。


          The pedini imprint is strictly “handmade in italy”: the proof of the quality of pedini’s products is found innumerous recognitions received from international institutes that acknowledge the technological evolution of the company’s manufacturing procedures and the careful selection of environmentally friendly materials and components.

          Pedini is the industrial evolution of an artisanal enterprise which continues to be a protagonist in the history of kitchen design for 60 years. Its path began in 1957 in the hearts of the marche region where pedini where the company still has its plant, with a total area of 36,000 sq.M.




          好的設計源于對高品質生活的向往與追求。然而從意念到可以觸摸的到的生活遠沒有你想象的容易,Pedini無疑擁有這種超凡的直覺。Pedini的設計師在描繪他們夢想家的藍圖之時,都會仔細研究各種材質的組合搭配,檢驗材料的耐久性跟耐磨性,評估材料的環保性,并依賴 Pedini 延承而來的超凡的直覺將物質轉化為生活的本來面貌。讓人,物,場和諧共生,達到天成的生活之美。

          The best design comes from the desire and pursuit of high-quality life. But life is far less intuitive than you might think. No doubt,Pedini has this extraordinary intuition. The research for materials

          and their combinations, the verification of their characteristics to ensure durability and wear resistance, the evaluation of the environmental impact the use of a material might have, are questions that the Pedini designers ask themselves before conceiving a new idea. A project derives from a brilliant intuition in order to turn matter into original forms of contemporary living.


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